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Positive” is defined as “constructive, optimistic, or confident in one instance and this is the instance I’m going to utilize in this story. Some of the words I that come to mind when I think of “Focus on the positive”: POSITIVE as — SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT, WELLNESS, STABILITY, PROGRESSION, HIGHER SELF, BETTER, BEST, GREATNESS, GREATER, LOVE, TRUST, HONESTY, UNDERSTANDING, LISTENING, COMPASSION, WEALTH, ENJOYMENT, PLEASURE, HAPPINESS, VIBRANT ENERGY, GOOD VIBES.

What’s your happy place? We all have various happy places. Things or places or people we think about when we feel our vibes being drained or we feel negative emotions, negative thoughts…

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Life can certainly be confusing at times. It’s life! Life is constantly moving forward and propelling no matter what so if you can learn to ride the waves of life you will be good! But you have to remember and believe that you got this no matter what!! You ARE strong enough, you ARE good enough, you WILL overcome anything whether it’s in the physical realm or by adapting/changing/modifying your thoughts or behaviors or maybe just simply doing something different.

You have to remember that power comes from within and you can externalize that frequency throughout your whole body, mind…

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A beautiful love that shines so bright
I will reach deep within and muster every ounce of my might

The sun bathing us in his glory
My darling, would you hold my hand under the stars and tell me a story?

Her smile soft, her body hard, her heart warm
Together our energies combine and conform

She pushes me and encourages me
You open up my aura and teach me to see

She is my motivation
Let me turn you on and be your interpretation

I’m not sure what’s happening to me but I don’t mind
I guess this is what…

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Confidence. Grit. Glory. Grinding. Hard work. Persistence. Conquer. Self-esteem. Failure. Not giving up. Overcoming the odds. Allowing yourself to face pain but not let it destroy you. Adaptable to change.

I think the biggest aspect that can help anyone’s life is confidence and healthy self-esteem. Be proud of yourself and engage in thinking, behavior, actions that reinforce your power. This also means be around supportive people, in supportive environments, supportive career paths + work environments, etc. You always hear people saying “Never settle”, but what does that really mean? Well, to me, it means never settling with just good enough…

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You know the gist of it. You always hear “just go for it”. But, what does that actually mean? I think it depends on what state of mind you are in. Are you actually looking for change? Are you so excited and ecstatic about life that you’re okay with nothing changing? Are you so triggered by the idea that you might not be living your best life that you refuse to do anything other than justify, rationalize, and defend your current state of living? Most people would probably say, “Oh I’m good. I love my life and I’m fine with…

Motivation…. Wow so many things come to my mind when I read or hear that word. Hell, even thinking of that word sparks many things. For me, motivation is simply willpower. An array of other words come to mind when I type that out though, such as determination, strength, ambition, fortitude, inspiration, courage. I’m incredibly fucking motivated in my own life, but I also realize that it takes me enjoying the journey and embracing the process.

You gotta have the motivation to get started and after that you have to take action to fully embrace and use that motivation…

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Your triggered self is an expression of you not to be shamed. Your triggered self is a reflection of an inner defensive or offensive system of the mind. Perhaps, sometimes it’s an unhealed wound and sometimes it’s a healthy response to a perceived threat. Emotional triggers can be unhealthy, but on the same spectrum, if we shame ourselves for knowing that we get emotionally triggered, then we experience unhealthy “out of body experiences” that cause a form of stress to our mind and ultimately to our body. I believe it stresses our soul as well. …

Let not your life be guided by those who only seek to project or discredit your beliefs by invoking their own onto you. Let your life be guided by your higher self, your soul, and in knowing and trusting yourself. Allow self-confidence, self-trust, and self-love to be your guide.

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Energetic cords are involved in every aspect of our daily lives. What we think, hear, speak, smell, feel or taste. Going outside of that, we also have extrasensory perception. This is our intuition and can be more developed in some people than others. It can even, then, be expanded into the…

Programming. What do you think of when you see or hear that word…? In fact, we must look up the base of the word — “program” to see that it is a guide.

I think of television, movies, film, and music, but it is much more. However, you may think of something completely different! We all have our rationalizations and justifications as to how we interpret or sense things.

Reality is a projection of how I think the world is or how I interpret my own world and what I believe to be reality around me.

We all have different…

Your health isn’t a trend or a fad. If you have to question yourself to fit into anything, then that anything is pulling on your health.

Many human beings on the planet have risen to the occasion. What’s the occasion you ask? Conscious reality. Living in reality, exploring

Godhead: Some people call this divinity. Some people call this waking up. Some people call this consciousness. I call it superhealth. It does not exclude you from feeling pain, but it allows you to be aware of pain or pleasure and realize where it is coming from or allow you to be aware of it. It is connecting your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies all together and realizing that they are one and all for the better guidance…

Chris Wick

Writer. Mind-body connection. Bodybuilder. Gym freak. Personal development. Studying to be a personal trainer. Overcome the odds.

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