Your health isn’t a trend or a fad. If you have to question yourself to fit into anything, then that anything is pulling on your health.

Many human beings on the planet have risen to the occasion. What’s the occasion you ask? Conscious reality. Living in reality, exploring

Godhead: Some people call this divinity. Some people call this waking up. Some people call this consciousness. I call it superhealth. It does not exclude you from feeling pain, but it allows you to be aware of pain or pleasure and realize where it is coming from or allow you to be aware of it. It is connecting your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies all together and realizing that they are one and all for the better guidance of your life. Your physical body is one aspect of yourself. Your mental body is one aspect of yourself. Your spiritual body is one aspect of yourself. Your energy or your chi or life force or SOUL is another aspect of yourself.

Physical body is your flesh vessel. This is where your sensory receptors are. Your 5 senses. There are five basic senses based in the human body.
Mental body is your brain and all neurotransmitters and other cognitive functions that allow your physical body to move and your mental functions are what create the reality you live in.

Waking up is not going “crazy”. It doesn’t mean you are “depressed” or any other way that you feel. Though you could be. That’s okay too. Don’t think you are permanently anything. Being depressed, angry, sad, happy, lonely, excited is all part of the human experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience inside of our body. Waking up means you are allowing yourself to feel at the deepest core of your true being and suppressed or repressed trauma or memories are beginning to surface. You’re just being in the moment and perhaps you are breaking addictions, cycles, relationships, attachments. It also means you are connected to Source. The source is God or whatever term your religious perspective believes in. If you do not believe in religion then it would be you connecting to Source Energy. That which is infinite energy and gives us life as beings of human flesh.

Your health is important. If there’s any person, place, or thing affecting your health in the aspect of mental, physical, or spiritual: then it’s time to have a deep look at those connections and remove them from yourself. While reading this you may think to yourself that there are more “things” that can affect your health: and that may be true; however, these are the main categories that we will deal with as I believe they can all be defined under one of these categories. For example, “thing” doesn’t just mean an inanimate object. It could also be an idea or a group of ideas.

Writer. Mind-body connection. Bodybuilder. Gym freak. Personal development. Studying to be a personal trainer. Overcome the odds.

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