Let not your life be guided by those who only seek to project or discredit your beliefs by invoking their own onto you. Let your life be guided by your higher self, your soul, and in knowing and trusting yourself. Allow self-confidence, self-trust, and self-love to be your guide.

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Energetic cords are involved in every aspect of our daily lives. What we think, hear, speak, smell, feel or taste. Going outside of that, we also have extrasensory perception. This is our intuition and can be more developed in some people than others. It can even, then, be expanded into the clairvoyant abilities. The 6th sense and beyond explore extrasensory perception. Think of our entire human vessel as power or energy. Everyone, everything, and every place connects into us to be a part of our reality and vice-versa; where we connect our energy into is what we absorb into our system. Every interaction is an exchange of energy.

You have to remember that our brains are highly complex computers.

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Sometimes, we give our energy to a person that is not worth our time in life because we feel we “owe” someone. In fact, for our own health and to live a full life, we must protect our energy and our health. It is also expanded into people, places, things, and thoughts, but we’ll stick with people for now. However, giving our energy “owing” someone is a model that gets us feeling awful and draining our energy in resistance to ourselves. We drain our own energy, sometimes, in our interactions by placing our own energetic cords on others in an expectation or we are around others who try to dominate us. Really, they’re just trying to dominate our energy. But, why? Regardless of the “why”, any situation where you don’t like the way it feels means that is your human vessel SPEAKING to you. Giving you a hint, a clue, a sign.

What is an energetic cord?

An energetic cord is an energy cord created through every interaction that we have in life with people. On the unseen level, it’s a lot like what you have seen in the movie The Matrix. When Neo wakes up and has all of the attachments on him. What this means is our brains are powerful. Our bodies are powerful. Our spirit is powerful. Our soul is powerful. We are our soul and that is our essence. Our astral body is our higher self. Every interaction is an exchange of energy.. As human beings, we are energy. I’m not talking our spirit, our soul, but our physical body. Our physical body is an electrical forcefield

The best thing to do is to stop worrying about what others think of you.

When I speak to someone, I can instantly feel what emotion it resonates or resides in. As someone who spent

As an empath, clairvoyant, I feel deeply and strongly. My intuition has always been strong throughout my life. I didn’t always listen to it, however.

If you are feeling off energetically, there may be attachments that you have in others, people, places, and things. Perhaps it’s an energy that feels off when you speak to certain people.

Perhaps it’s an energy you feel about a certain area of your life. Perhaps it’s your dietary intake.

All, in all, have a deep look at what you consume into your mind, body, and spirit.

If you feel a certain type of way and it’s uncommon or it’s something that perhaps was common, but you realize it’s unhealthy. Take the time to write out who is involved in your life, what is involved in your life, and where you are involved in your life (where you live, where you go).

Most importantly, your thoughts are not only real, but they create reality.


I cut, shred, rip, destroy, and remove any and all karmic soul contracts or agreements made. I remove all soul ties and cord connections from my life.

Writer. Mind-body connection. Bodybuilder. Gym freak. Personal development. Studying to be a personal trainer. Overcome the odds.

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