Focus on the positive

Positive” is defined as “constructive, optimistic, or confident in one instance and this is the instance I’m going to utilize in this story. Some of the words I that come to mind when I think of “Focus on the positive”: POSITIVE as — SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT, WELLNESS, STABILITY, PROGRESSION, HIGHER SELF, BETTER, BEST, GREATNESS, GREATER, LOVE, TRUST, HONESTY, UNDERSTANDING, LISTENING, COMPASSION, WEALTH, ENJOYMENT, PLEASURE, HAPPINESS, VIBRANT ENERGY, GOOD VIBES.

What’s your happy place? We all have various happy places. Things or places or people we think about when we feel our vibes being drained or we feel negative emotions, negative thoughts, or experience pain/suffering. Try to get to the point where you can bring up those happy thoughts even in the time of distress or utilizing techniques to better help you restore your vibrational energy/aura/calm your nervous system. The higher your vibes, the better you will feel and who doesn’t want that? Learn to heal thyself and sometimes that involves facing aspects of ourselves or our lives that we do not like or may induce feelings or thoughts that we do not like, but you should know that those thoughts do not have to maintain permanent residence in your mind or your psyche. I am sure you’ve heard of doing the inner work and I believe that is a lifelong process that we must maintain. Some of the techniques I like utilizing for inner work or healing work: meditation music, frequency healing music, spending time in nature, attuning my thoughts and vibration to the frequency of love, thinking positive thoughts and positive outcomes, hoping for the best, bodybuilding/lifting weights/cardiorespiratory training/muscular training, reading, writing, and just spending time with good company where we can engage in soul deepening conversations.

What you think will absolutely affect your physiological body! Stress, fear, anger affect the heart rate and rational thinking, breathing, and decision making ability, but all emotions or feelings or thoughts can trigger you. Whether it’s positive or negative is a personal choice. There is absolutely a mind-body connection. This is why negativity can breed disease, illness, tiredness, fatigue, stress (and too much production of cortisol), poor communication skills, rotten moods, hostility, and why anger often turns into regret. The more positive your vibration, the better you will feel physically. Think in terms of physical homeostasis. In order to be deemed fit, truly fit, one should seek to be his or her best version of themselves and that’s physical and mental. If you look at most of society, they seem to want to escape their “problems” daily and seek the pleasure of consuming or over-consuming. Ultimately it’s a temporary fix to avoid the inner world or thoughts. While there is a time and place for things, there is ALWAYS a time and place to keep those positive thoughts and vibrations flowing.

The better you feel physically gives you the opportunity to completely maximize your life for the better and when you do something like that, you’re benefitting everyone around you or merely the environment you are in.

Vibrations are in everything. Everything is a vibration or has a vibration. We are beings of energy and yes, of course, our thoughts are powerful. We take action based on the stories our minds tell us so it’s definitely a good idea to keep a positive mindset and stay grounded physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and financially. All play a part in our wellness.

Focus on the positive. What does that mean? Keeping your attention on positive thoughts that encourage you, inspire you, and nurture you to be or feel your best or to make healthy choices. You attune your energy, vibes, and entire existence according to what you focus on. If you think fearful thoughts, you’ll attract more of that feeling and it will permeate into your physical body. If you focus on positivity, you will attract more positivity into your entire being. It’s the same concept as working out to produce feel good endorphins. Your mind is a projector and you must learn to control it and use it to your advantage. You have a much better chance of manifesting positive outcomes and favorable circumstances, situations, and feelings when you utilize positive thinking and practice positivity in every aspect of your life.

It’s not about being “perfect”, but it’s about being your absolute best and fully optimizing and maximizing your life and life experiences.

Don’t bypass your feelings and emotions, but don’t fixate on a concept you know will only bring your vibrational frequency down further. However, with this in mind, I believe we are confronted with the “I’ll ignore it and stuff it down” theory which is not healthy because our negative thoughts don’t really disappear. Become more comfortable with the idea of facing and feeling them in order to release them and heal ourselves.

I’m Chris Wick and you can follow me on Twitter

Writer. Mind-body connection. Bodybuilder. Gym freak. Personal development. Studying to be a personal trainer. Overcome the odds.

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