You know the gist of it. You always hear “just go for it”. But, what does that actually mean? I think it depends on what state of mind you are in. Are you actually looking for change? Are you so excited and ecstatic about life that you’re okay with nothing changing? Are you so triggered by the idea that you might not be living your best life that you refuse to do anything other than justify, rationalize, and defend your current state of living? Most people would probably say, “Oh I’m good. I love my life and I’m fine with it.” But the truth is most people don’t push themselves outside of the little tiny boxes that they are living in and have very little ambition in their lives or they get caught in the cycle of rat race living. You have to get to the point where you own everything in your life. That means absolutely zero blaming, zero justification, zero rationalizations, and 100% accountability and responsibility. It also means to just go for it and take chances! How the fuck will you ever know what’s possible if you don’t go for it?

For myself, I think I never knew what “just go for it” ever meant until I knew that I had to do everything it takes, but that it wasn’t just a one day or one situation thing. It was a way of living. I started seeing incredible results and things manifesting for me in my life over the last few years. I realized that I had to do everything and anything that it took because I realized I was unhappy in many different aspects of my life. While “gratitude” is nice and a nice idea; gratitude should never be used as justification for shitty choices. Own everything in your life and tap into your fucking potential for living. I think it’s easy to forget this when you’re out in the real world because there are so many lazy, uninspired, programmed people doing absolutely nothing with their lives and they’re happy to take you down with them. You don’t have to be like them. You don’t have to agree with them. Keep focused on a higher path and making good choices for yourself. Eventually those good choices will add up.

When you hear go for it, you probably think of motivational speakers or a cliche. I can 100% tell you that if you go for it, it’s worth it. I met the girl of my dreams when I decided to just “go for it”, I am in the process of so many new exciting and nerve wracking things but I’m still going for it! Nothing stays the same including you. You are in control of your mind and your decisions. You are in control of your body and your actions. Make the decision to do it and go for it even if it’s a little fucking tough because by doing that YOU will become TOUGHER.

I’m Chris Wick and you can follow me on Twitter @ChrisWick_

Writer. Mind-body connection. Bodybuilder. Gym freak. Personal development. Studying to be a personal trainer. Overcome the odds.

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