A beautiful love that shines so bright
I will reach deep within and muster every ounce of my might

The sun bathing us in his glory
My darling, would you hold my hand under the stars and tell me a story?

Her smile soft, her body hard, her heart warm
Together our energies combine and conform

She pushes me and encourages me
You open up my aura and teach me to see

She is my motivation
Let me turn you on and be your interpretation

I’m not sure what’s happening to me but I don’t mind
I guess this is what they call love and it’s intertwined

I’m thinking of things I never thought of before
Family, building together, nights by the fire, walks in the sunset, pushing each other in the gym, seeing you in the sexiest lingerie as I get home and walk through that door

Out in the woods in our own log cabin

She teaches me to appreciate everything that I am

I ask myself, “how did this happen?”

An energy so powerful and so bright, chalk, chanting our words around the fire as we burn our candles under the bright moon light

She is my gem

And I, hers

The trees whisper our secrets

Focused on increasing our light

Written and created by Chris Wick

Writer. Mind-body connection. Bodybuilder. Gym freak. Personal development. Studying to be a personal trainer. Overcome the odds.

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